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Cross-border cooperation

Cross-border cooperation is a form of international cooperation, the main purpose of which is to remove restrictions arising from the existence of national borders. It embraces a wide range of international activities of governments and activities of local authorities at regional and local level. The aim of this cooperation is to fight stereotypes and prejudices on both sides of the border and to overcome the social, economic, infrastructural and cultural barriers created by national borders. Cross-border and interregional cooperation strengthens good neighbourly relations between countries, guarantees stability, and ensures partnership and sustainable socio-economic development.

In order to revitalise relations between the regions of Poland and its neighbouring countries, Poland has concluded inter-governmental agreements on cross-border and regional cooperation under which inter-governmental councils and commissions have been established to coordinate this cooperation. They constitute a fundamental forum for cross-border cooperation, being the link between local and regional authorities and government administration. The activities of the councils and committees are carried out through the work of working groups/committees set up within their framework.