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Announcement of a Call for Proposals: “Strengthened implementation of Circular Economy”


The Minister of Climate, as the Operator of the “Environment, Energy and Climate Change” Programme announces a call for proposals for project concept notes under a pilot activity “Strengthened implementation of Circular Economy” to be financed from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 with an amount of EUR 3 million, i.e. PLN 13 136 400 [1]

Aim of the Call for Proposals

The main aim of the Call for Proposals, intended to co-finance projects in the programme area Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation [2] shall be to increase the capacity of entities particularly sensitive to climate change, to mitigate its reasons and to adapt to the changing climate through implementation of activities aimed at dissemination of the Circular Economy.

Type of projects

The call for projects is aimed at supporting projects related to broadly understood Circular Economy. Applicants may apply for funds for activities related to limitation of raw materials use, reduction of waste production and incorporation the Circular Economy into the business model. Within the call for proposals it is possible in particular to carry out activities related to sustainable industrial production, sustainable consumption, and bio-economy. A project application shall contain educational and awareness measures related to the Circular Economy as integrated parts of the project proposal.

Projects selected within the scope of this call will contribute to achieving the Programme’s Outcome 1: “Ability of local communities to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate increased” and Output 1.4 “Projects on circular economy piloted”, which indicators and targets  are listed on the table below, in accordance with the Annex 1 to the Programme Agreement, signed in Warsaw on 7th February 2020. Table 1 Expected outcome and output from the programme area Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. (...)

More information can be found below in the announcement of Call for Aapplication

[1] The amount of the allocation of the Call for Proposals given in EUR and subsequently recalculated into the national currency and expressed in PLN, using an average monthly currency exchange rate as published in the Official Journal of the European Union (the C series), counted for the last six months preceding the month when the call is announced, where EUR 1=  PLN 4.3788. The grant amount in PLN is indicative. The grant shall be awarded in EUR, but the funds shall be paid in PLN, based on the European Commission’s monthly accounting exchange rate of the Euro (EUR/PLN) for the month in which the payment of the funds will be made.

[2] In accordance with Programme Agreement “Environment, Energy and Climate Change” implemented under the EEA FM 2014-2021 in Poland.





Announcement of a call for proposals - “Strengthened implementation of Circular Economy” 22.06.2020.pdf
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