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The prolongation on the deadline for submitting of applications for co-financing within the Programme Environment, Energy and Climate Change


In connection with the pandemia of coronavirus and on the requests from many institutions and enterprises Minister of Climate had decided on the prolongation on the deadline for submitting of applications for co-financing within the all calls announced on 13th of March within the Programme Area “Environment, Energy and Climate Change”.

The date of the finalisation of the application of the grants within the calls are postponed for two additional months according with the following timetable :

The deadline for submitting has been postponed according to the  following timetable:

  1. The Area: Environment and  Ecosystems
  • the Small Grants Scheme for non-governmental organisations for activities which will protect and increase knowledge of ecosystems– change from 3rd of June 2020  to 3rd August2020
  • the call : increased protection against invasive alien species– change from 3rd of June to 3rd 2020 to 3rd August;
  • The call : Implementation of ecosystem management plans change from 3rd June 2020 to 3rd of  3rd August 2020


  1. The Areas: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • The call: Implementation of green-blue infrastructure investments in cities- change from 15 of June 2020 to 17th of August 2020;
  • the call: awareness raising activities on climate change mitigation and adaptation: change from 15th of June 2020 to 17th of August 2020


  1. The ares: renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy security
  • The call  : efficiency cogeneration for and industrial and professional   change from 30th of June to 31 of August 2020.
  • The call for increasing energy efficiency in the school buildings – change from 15 of July to 14th of September
  • The call : building and/or modernisation of district heating systems and elimination of the individual source of heat  -  change from 30 of June 2020 to 31 of August 2020.

The call documentation  is published on the website of the Ministry of Climate and National Fund for Environment and Water Protection.

We also encourage you to read regularly asked questions and answers (FAQ), covering all programme areas. We also invite you to see training materials online for beneficiaries of all areas of the Programme “Environment, Energy and Climate Change”.