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Department of Development Cooperation

The Development Cooperation Department (DCD) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides services to the Minister for Development Cooperation and coordinates development cooperation.

Development cooperation is an integral part of foreign policy; it is an expression of Poland’s solidarity with developing countries, and it also fulfils the obligations arising from our country’s membership in international organisations. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the organisational unit responsible for the implementation of the activities marked with the logo of Polish Aid is the Development Cooperation Department (DCD).

The Department is responsible for devising a programme of Polish development cooperation, i.e.: development and humanitarian aid, global education and a programme of foreign volunteer actions addressed to priority countries of Polish aid. As part of these activities, the Department works on the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme and plans for Polish development cooperation activities to be implemented in Poland.

 Being a member state of international organisations that deal with development and humanitarian issues, such as the European Union, the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Poland is involved in the efforts of the international community. As part of Polish aid, the Department recommends that stabilising and supporting actions be taken in the designated countries, including our immediate neighbours. All the activities are based on the assessment of how effective they are and how well they serve their purpose, e.g. through the evaluation of Polish development cooperation projects and programmes conducted by the Department.

Besides, the DCD acts as the National Contact Point for EU Twinning and TAIEX under programmes financed by the Transition Facility, IPA and ENPI and for Comprehensive Institution Building Programmes (CIB) under the Eastern Partnership.

The Department also supports the activities of the National Development Cooperation Coordinator and the Development Cooperation Programme Board.