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Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2021-2030 – Solidarity for Development is adopted


The Council of Ministers approved a resolution to adopt the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2021-2030 – Solidarity for Development, submitted by the minister of foreign affairs.

Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2021-2030 – Solidarity for Development

The government adopted the development cooperation programme for 2021-2030, which encompasses development assistance, humanitarian aid, and global education. We would like more people across the world to have access to goods, resources, and educational opportunities. Each year, we allocate PLN 2.9 billion, which amounts to 0.14 percent of our gross national income, to official development assistance. We will strive to increase it to 0.33 percent by 2030. 

Polish development cooperation priorities

According to the programme, Polish development cooperation priorities are: peace, justice and strong institutions, equal opportunities (in education, labour, entrepreneurship, reduction of inequalities, sustainable cities, and regional development). Poland’s other priorities relate to healthcare, climate, including access to clean water and adequate sanitary conditions, forest and biological diversity protection, as well as renewable energy sources. Cross-sectoral topics include climate action and equal rights of women and men.


Who will receive support?

The Polish government will aid the least developed countries. The assistance will also go to developing countries, where the majority of population lives in poverty.

We will help selected countries covered by the European neighbourhood policy, including Eastern Partnership countries, Middle Eastern countries and a number of countries from Sub-Saharan Africa. However, taking into account that the programme will be implemented over the period of ten years, we do not rule out that our activities will also extend to other geographical regions.


Polish development cooperation

Our country is actively taking part in efforts of the international community to reduce poverty across the world and to support developing countries. Until 2004, Poland was among beneficiaries of development assistance. After joining the European Union, our country started building a development cooperation system. As a result, Poland joined the OECD Development Assistance Committee in 2013.


Poland spends about PLN 2.9 billion annually on development assistance. In proportion to the gross national income, Polish official development assistance amounted to about 0.14 percent (according to preliminary data for 2019). Polish financial commitments with regard to development cooperation reflect the results of the negotiations of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa.


By 2030, we will strive to increase the official development assistance to 0.33 percent of gross national income.


Solidarity for Development, Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2021 - 2030
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