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Off-road vehicle turned into medical ambulance starts the engine at Wanda Błeńska’s Wanda Matugga Health Centre


Wanda Błeńska’s Wanda Matugga Health Centre has received a new ambulance purchased as part of a Polish Aid project.

A new medical ambulance in front of the Wanda Błeńska’s Wanda Matugga Health Centre

The ambulance will be driven along Uganda’s roads, providing medical assistance to the local population. Due to the low-quality road surface and few roads between villages, off-road vehicles are necessary to get from one place to another. That is why a vehicle has been purchased that meets specific requirements and is suitable for the local climate conditions as well as natural obstacles that one often encounters on Uganda’s roads. The vehicle has also been fitted with medical equipment to serve as an ambulance. This will significantly improve access to medical care for the inhabitants of Matugga as well as the surrounding villages. It is particularly important now, because travel restrictions have been introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making it even more difficult for Ugandan people to reach the nearest hospital.

The project is a continuation of activities initiated by Polish Franciscan Friars, local partners of the InnovAid Foundation. It aims to improve the quality of and access to medical care for Uganda’s population. As part of the project, Wanda Błeńska’s Wanda Matugga Health Centre is provided with medical equipment to treat patients, offering them basic medical care, as well as dental, surgery, obstetrics, and emergency medical services.

The centre was officially opened on 1 December 2019. The hospital staff have already delivered the first child, a girl who was named Wanda to commemorate the centre’s patron. Polish female volunteers were present at her birth and helped to deliver the little Wanda.

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