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Polish aid logo

The legal owner of the “Polish aid” graphic sign is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. 

Logo Polish Aid

Those who have the right to use the logo are partners of the  Polish aid Polish Development Cooperation Programme, as well as other entities that shall obtain the right to use the sign upon permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The right to use the logo is granted for the duration of a given task, project or programme.

All organisations and institutions that have received funds from the Polish aid Polish Development Cooperation Programme for the implementation of projects and other undertakings concerning development and humanitarian aid, global education and volunteering are obliged to:

  • provide information on project funding,
  • use the graphic sign of Polish aid.

For details on how to use the sign and how to inform about funding see the document “Guidelines on providing information about Polish development cooperation projects and their labelling”.

The current graphic sign of the Polish Aid Polish Development Cooperation Programme was selected in a competition organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008.