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Polish Aid supports the diagnosis of tuberculosis in Tanzania


at the lab

The Polish Aid program in Sub-Saharan Africa is present, inter alia, in the health protection sector and promotes the use of alternative energy sources. Watch a video  about the project of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dar es Salaam, in which a Polish diplomatic mission supported the activities of the APOPO organization in Tanzania.

APOPO uses an innovative method of tuberculosis detection with the help of southern giant pouched rats. Thanks to the project, it was possible to extend the diagnosis of tuberculosis cases to new clinics in the Morogoro and Dodoma regions of Tanzania, and to reduce the energy footprint of the organization's diagnostic laboratory by equipping it with solar panel.

Video from the implementation of the project "Combining innovation and practical application, detection of additional tuberculosis cases in Morogoro and Dodoma using rats”.



Small – great heroes of Tanzania’s health service