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Polish humanitarian aid for Iraq


- Today we are once again fulfilling our international and human obligation—we are sharing what we can with a country in crisis caused by the war with ISIS and the current Covid-19 pandemic. We are sending in-kind assistance to Iraq to support the medical services there in providing the necessary help to its people - emphasised Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński speaking about the material aid dispatched to Iraq today.

Polish humanitarian aid for Iraq photo 8th Military Air Transport Base

As part of the relief effort, Poland has airlifted blankets, surgical gowns, towels and sheets which were handed over by the Material Reserves Agency. In the near future, a similar aid transport is planned for the people of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraq is a place especially connected with Poland’s history; it is also where Polish NGOs provide everyday humanitarian assistance. Poland’s aid is provided by Polish soldiers, bilaterally through Polish non-governmental organisations, and multilaterally by annual contributions to the UNDP budget related to stabilisation activities for the country. In response to Iraq’s request in May for support through the NATO mechanism to support member states and partner countries (EADRCC or the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre), Poland provided the country with 50,000 protective masks and 1000 litres of disinfectant in June and July 2020 -  said Deputy Minister Jabłoński.  

Poland’s aid scheme is also addressed to its neighbours and friends whose epidemiological situation was equally severe: we delivered aid to Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as the countries of the South Caucasus and the Western Balkans. During the pandemic, teams of Polish paramedics and doctors provided medical support in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Poland also assisted the inhabitants of Lebanon, both in connection with the epidemic situation and after the explosion in Beirut’s port in August 2020. In the wake of the flood which hit 17 out of Sudan’s 18 states in September 2020, we delivered the necessary aid to their affected residents in December 2020.

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