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Minister of Digital Affairs in Stockholm: 5G guarantees competitiveness of our companies


Summing up the second day of the visit of the Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski to Northern Europe. On Wednesday, the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs attended a meeting with Minister for Energy and Digital Development of Sweden and the management board of Ericsson.

Kilkoro mężczyzn siedzi przy stole

Cooperation, particularly in terms of cybersecurity and new technologies, was the main topic of the meeting of Polish Minister of Digital Affairs with his Swedish counterpart – the Minister for Energy and Digital Development of Sweden, Anders Ygeman.

“In our modern times, close cooperation between governments on cybersecurity is a must, due to the nature and specificity of the contemporary threats, which have no borders and are truly international,” said Minister Marek Zagórski. “The issue of cybersecurity and trust in the digital world remains one of the key elements of our internal policy and international cooperation,” he added.

Talks about the next generation

Building 5G networks was the main topic of talks between the Minister of Digital Affairs and the management board of the Swedish company Ericsson. Marek Zagórski met with Ulf Perhsson, deputy head of the company.

The visit to the company headquarters was not a coincidence, as several days ago Ericsson announced that the company is ready to introduce the 5G technology in Poland. Its representatives signed a memorandum of understanding in Łódź, concerning the pilot S5 Programme – the 5G Technology Accelerator, established by the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

“5G is a key technology for the development of Poland and Europe. Our small and medium-sized enterprises need to be aware of the opportunities offered by this technology. Among them, the most important is maintaining a competitive edge over other European and global companies,” said Minister Marek Zagórski during the meeting. “We are glad that the participation of Poland in the development of this technology is so great,” he added.

The Polish staff of Ericsson, which carries out research and development work in the area of new technologies, is the second most numerous team in the world.

5th generation

What is 5G going to do for us? Smart cities, taking advantage of modern technologies to make life easier and better for their residents, are just one of the possible solutions.

The popularisation of this technology may also facilitate introducing fully autonomous vehicles to the roads and the equipping traditional cars with smart safety systems.

“This technology opens up even more possibilities, including faster and more stable broadband connections and much shorter network response times, compared to current solutions,” said Minister Marek Zagórski. “The entire European Union is preparing for the implementation of the new standard, and Poland is no different. The Scandinavian countries are pioneers in the development of this technology on our continent. That is why we want to take advantage of their experience,” he added.

Stockholm was the second Scandinavian capital visited by the Polish Minister of Digital Affairs in recent days, after Helsinki, which he visited on Tuesday.

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