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Polish community and Poles abroad

Cooperation with the Polish community and Poles living abroad is within the remit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is effected by coordinating the ministries' work in order to agree the common lines of activity, the principles of cooperation, and by analysing the results of government actions towards the Polish community and Poles abroad.

The Ministry's mission is to represent and protect Poles abroad as a national minority with regard to their rights under multilateral international agreements, bilateral agreements, and established custom. Where Poles are not a national minority in the legal sense, the Ministry ensures that the rights of Poles and the Polish diaspora are not less favourable than those of other nationalities. 

Together with Polish diplomatic and consular posts and institutes of Polish culture abroad, the Ministry supports the teaching of the Polish language, in Polish, and promotes the knowledge of Poland among Poles and the Polish diaspora. It ensures the preservation and strengthening of Polish national identity and allows the Polish community and Poles abroad to participate in national culture. This is achieved by funding cultural projects such as concerts, film retrospectives, theatrical productions, and exhibitions. The Ministry initiates and supports projects that strengthen the position of the Polish diaspora in their local communities and countries of residence. It fosters and encourages the development of youth, scientific, cultural, economic and sporting contacts involving Poles and the Polish community abroad.

The Ministry reaches out to the Polish communities abroad to work together with the Polish authorities in building and consolidating a good image of Poland in the world and in promoting its history, legacy, and cultural heritage.