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Department of International Cooperation

Baner international programmes

It is responsible for establishing and maintaining international contacts as well as for the participation of NCBR in the implementation of international R&D programmes, including those co-financed from foreign funds.

As part of international cooperation, NCBR participates in the organisation of calls for proposals for international research or R&D and finances Polish entities (research units, enterprises, scientific consortia) implementing international projects by participating in:

  • multilateral cooperation - including in Horizon 2020 initiatives and those under previous EU Framework Programmes (including ERA-NET Cofund, JU-ECSEL, JPI, Eurostars), Horizon Europe partnerships and other multilateral cooperation programmes without EU funds (e.g. CORNET, KONNECT).
  • bilateral cooperation programmes – including with China, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and Turkey.