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NCBR for people with disabilities

Declaration of availability of the National Center for Research and Development

Declaration of accessibility of the website

The National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) undertakes to ensure the availability of its website in accordance with the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The accessibility statement applies to the website

Website publication date: 2012.04.27.

Last major update date: 2021.08.01.

The website is partially compliant with the Act on Digital Accessibility of Public Entities' Websites and Mobile Applications due to non-compliance or inclusions listed below.

1. There may be situations where, despite the efforts of the website editors, certain documents published on the website are unavailable due to the fact that:

  • come from various sources,
  • have been published based on the principles adopted by another entity,
  • were published before the entry into force of the Digital Accessibility Act.

2. Some content was published on the website with graphics that contain text, due to the fact that the content in the graphics was necessary for effective communication of a given issue;

3. Some videos posted on the website may not have subtitles or other required elements, due to the fact that they were also published before the entry into force of the Digital Accessibility Act. The subtitles for these films are successively supplemented;

The statement was made on 2023.31.03. The declaration was prepared on the basis of a self-assessment carried out by a public entity.

Standard keyboard shortcuts can be used on the website.

Feedback and contact details

If you encounter problems with the accessibility of the website, please contact Przemysław Szymański,

You can use the same route to submit requests for inaccessible information and to complain about the lack of digital accessibility.

Everyone has the right to request the digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or some element thereof. You can also request that information be made available in alternative forms, for example, reading a digitally inaccessible document, describing the content of a film without an audio description, etc. The request should include the identity of the person making the request, an indication of which website or mobile application is being requested and how to contact it. If the person making the request wishes to receive the information in an alternative form, they should also specify the form of the information.

The public body should comply with the request immediately and no later than within 7 days. If it is not possible to comply with this deadline, you will be informed immediately when it will be possible to comply with the request, but the deadline must not be longer than 2 months. If it is not possible to ensure availability, we will propose an alternative means of accessing the information.

If an entity refuses to comply with a request to provide accessibility or alternative access to information, you may file a complaint against such action.

Once all possibilities have been exhausted, the complaint can also be sent to the Commissioner of Human Rights.

Architectural Accessibility

National Centre for Research and Development, 69 Chmielna St., 00-801, Warsaw

The National Centre for Research and Development is located in the Varso Tower office building at 69 Chmielna St. The main entrance is from Jana Pawła II Avenue and consists of a revolving door that slides automatically and an additional automatic swing door to its left. To the right of the swinging door, on a pillar, an intercom is installed to allow communication with the building security to assist in accessing the main lobby. To the right of the lobby, behind the entrance, you will find the Varso Tower reception desk. There you can contact an NCBR staff member. To get into the NCBR premises, you have to pass through gates opened by magnetic cards. Visitors are issued with special QR codes to get to the 3rd floor - the NCBR reception (it is located opposite the entrance). We occupy floors 3 to 8. Higher floors can only be accessed with an NCBR employee. An additional entrance to the Varso Tower building is located from Chmielna Street.

There are parking spaces next to the building on the side of Chmielna Street, in the paid parking zone. Under the building there is a paid underground car park with designated spaces, intended for people with disabilities (entrance from Chmielna Street). These spaces are located near the lifts.

The entrance to the building is on the same level as the pavement and does not require the use of stairs or a ramp. The NCBR Information Point is located on the 3rd floor of the building. The NCBR main reception is also located there. To reach it, please use the Varso Tower Reception.

There is a toilet in the main lobby and access to 6 passenger lifts. The assistance of building security, an NCBR employee or an access card is required to use the lift. Lift control is via two panels located between the lifts.

There is magnetic card access control throughout the building.

On the ground floor of the building there are restaurants, an ATM, a drugstore and a grocery shop. The Central Railway Station is in the immediate vicinity.

It is possible to enter the building with an assistance dog and a guide dog.

There is no Braille signage in the building, nor is there any contrast or enlarged print signage for the blind and visually impaired.

An online Polish Sign Language (PJM) interpreter is available at the reception - the service is free of charge, but prior notification is required if you wish to use it.

Furthermore, we kindly inform you that the National Centre for Research and Development, in order to enable contact with persons experiencing permanent or temporary communication difficulties, provides access to interpreter services:

1. PJM (Polish Sign Language),

2. SJM (Sign Language System),

3. SKOGN (Deaf-Blind Communication),

In order to use the services of an interpreter (PJM, SJM, SKOGN), an entitled person* should report his/her wish to use this service at least 3 working days before the planned visit. For detailed information on means of supporting communication with the NCBR, please see Practical information for people with disabilities.

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Act on Providing Accessibility to People with Special Needs of 19 July 2019 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1062), a person with special needs or his/her legal representative, upon demonstration of factual interest, has the right to apply to a public entity for architectural or information and communication accessibility.

The request for accessibility should include:

  • contact details of the applicant,
  • an indication of the barrier that hinders or prevents architectural or information and communication accessibility,
  • an indication of how to contact the applicant,
  • an indication of the preferred method of providing accessibility, if applicable.

Applications for accessibility can be made:

  • in person: at the NCBR Main Reception from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 pm, 69 Chmielna St. Warsaw, 3rd floor.
  • by postal correspondence to the address: National Centre for Research and Development, 69 Chmielna St., 00-801, Warsaw with the annotation: application for accessibility.
  • By e-mail to
  • Via ePUAP: /NCBiR/default

NCBR should ensure accessibility (fulfil the request) without undue delay but no later than within 14 days from the date of submitting the application. If it is not possible to meet this deadline, NCBR shall immediately notify you of the reasons for the delay and indicate a new deadline for providing accessibility, not longer than 2 months from the date of submitting the request. If it is impossible or significantly difficult to provide accessibility within the scope specified in the application, e.g. for technical or legal reasons, NCBR will immediately notify you of the impossibility of providing accessibility and propose alternative access.

In matter of that we do not provide you with the requested accessibility in the manner and within the timeframe indicated above, you have the right to lodge a complaint about the failure to provide accessibility. The complaint shall be submitted to the President of the Management Board of PFRON, within 30 days counted from the expiry of the deadlines referred to above.

More information on digital accessibility can be found on the Ministry of Digitalisation's website dedicated to this topic.