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European Funds in new R&D formulas

The National Center for Research and Development, looking for new ways of financing innovation, has been implementing programmes in the so-called a new R&D formula. Thanks to the use of the best global practices in managing the process of financing R&D works and inspiration from the American research agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), we have developed a model based on the idea of problem-driven research.

baner euro funds

A solution for every challenge

Programmes based on this new formula have a specific challenge that cannot be solved with the available tools and resources. The aim is therefore to work out new solutions for a specifically defined problem in the course of research and development. The NCBR acts as an ordering party that defines the challenge and thus creates a new market for innovative products.

What is Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)?

Pre-commercial procurement (in short: PCP) consists in ordering research and development works that will result in the creation of a demonstrator of an innovative product or technology.
This mode has been adapted to ordering solutions not available on the market. PCP allows, above all, to select and finance projects in such a way as to match the solutions to the expectations of the contracting authority as much as possible. It is possible because the contracting authority can shape new technologies being the subject of the contract on an ongoing basis together with contractors (starting from the stage of project selection, which allows the documentation to be clarified in agreement with contractors, through the possibility of selecting several contractors at the same time and the possibility of terminating cooperation with some of them as a result of their assessment. activities at intermediate stages of research and development, until the desired solutions are obtained). The involvement of NCBR in the implementation of the project at an early stage of work increases the chances of obtaining a better price-quality ratio of the product obtained.
Contrary to grant programmes, in which the Applicant defines what technologies or solutions he wants to develop, thanks to the implementation of the Project in the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) mode, the Contractors propose specific solutions, often of an innovative nature, allowing to meet the requirements set out in the Project.

Research works are conducted simultaneously by several entities commissioned by the Ordering Party, i.e. NCBR. As a rule, PCP-based programmes are divided into several phases followed by a selection of work results and a reduction in the number of contractors.

Financing programmes in new R&D formulas

For the preparation and support of projects implemented in the new formulas, NCBR obtained funding under non-competitive projects of the European Regional Development Fund, and more specifically sub-measure 4.1.3 - Innovative methods of research management of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2020.

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