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Information point



Are you looking for support in developing an innovative project?

Do you have questions about the NCBR's offer?

Contact the NCBR Information Point.


Call us:

white phone icon on blue background Phone: +48 22 39 07 170

icon of white telephone on blue background Phone: +48 22 39 07 191

white mailbox icon on blue background Email:


Meet us online:

Remote meetings with employees of the Information Point in a dedicated virtual room. Sign up for a meeting: at a time convenient for you.

We provide information from Monday to Friday, 8:15 am - 4:15 pm


Tasks of the Information Point:

  • providing clients with information about the NCBR's programme offer, in particular about programmes, projects and activities financed by the NCBR, project selection procedures under individual programs,
  • supporting clients in defining research and development projects, providing information on the stages of R&D projects;
  • providing answers to questions submitted to the Point from the Customers;
  • supporting clients in finding information on the NCBR's program offer and specific competition documentation;
  • providing clients with information on the functioning of the ecosystem, supporting research and development activities in Poland;
  • providing clients with information on other government agencies where various types of support may be obtained in the development of the company, in particular based on research and development activities.