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Strategic programmes

Strategic research and development programmes are high-budget initiatives resulting from the state's scientific and innovation policy, serving the social and economic development of Poland.

baner strategic

Strategy for a better future

A strategic programme consists of projects that solve specific technical, scientific or social problems. Competitions for the implementation of projects are "top-down", which means that applicants should fully take into account the requirements specified in the call for proposals. The implementation of strategic programmes contributes to the consolidation of the best research teams and the integration of scientific and economic circles around issues of key importance for the country's development.
The basis for the preparation of strategic programmes is the National Research Programme, established by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of August 16, 2011, which defines the strategic directions of scientific research and development activities. Based on the directions indicated in the document, the Council of the National Center for Research and Development prepares drafts of strategic programmes and then presents them to the minister competent for science for approval.

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Legal basis

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 164/2011 of 16 August 2011 with an appendix