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NCBR Office in Brussels

Visit our Brussels office!

Interior of the office in Brussels. Two wooden round tables next to each other, 3 armchairs around and one orange sofa. On one table there is a flower in a pot. from the Back Bunk shelves with flowers. In the middle a banner with the word "BSP" underlined with a red line. Below, the inscription "Business & science Poland". The rest of the office is visible in the background.

About us

The National Centre for Research and Development in partnership with Business & Science Poland (BSP) conducts joint advisory and information activities in Brussels to support the activity of the Polish scientific and business community in Europe. Their aim is to build the position and strengthen the cooperation of Polish companies, universities and research institutes with foreign partners thanks to the participation in the EU programmes, including in particular Horizon Europe.


The NCBR|BSP office in Brussels represents the interests of the Polish science and innovation community. It presents Polish point of view in consultations and other processes concerning negotiations on the research and innovation policy of the European Union. Representatives of the Office participate in meetings of expert bodies and other events organised by the European Commission and its agencies, as well as partner institutions operating in the field of research and innovation in Brussels.

The key aim of the office in Brussels is to actively support the increase of the participation of Polish scientific institutions and innovative companies in the Horizon Europe programme.
The Office cooperates closely with the Ministry of Education and Science and other Ministries as well as with the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the European Union in the strategic planning of the Horizon Europe programme.

Main activities: 

  • Strategic monitoring, analysis and dissemination of information on the EU research & innovation policies and funding programmes.
  • Organisation of study visits, meetings and other events in Brussels and on-line webinars for stakeholders (mostly universities, research institutions and companies).
  • Supporting programme committee members and NCPs.
  • Networking with the European institutions responsible for R&I.
  • Strengthening the collaboration in R&I between various actors in Poland and Brussels. 
  • Promoting Polish R&I community: universities, research institutes, companies and other institutions.


A woman with dark hair and a jacket supporting her head with her hand.

NCBR Office in Brussels – Business & Science Poland
Ewa Kocińska-Lange – Director
Email icon  E-mail: |
Phone icon  Tel: +32 486 274 874 / +48 509 215 353
Mail icon  Rue Belliard 40
House icon  1040 Brussels

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