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Logo of the National Center for Research and Development from the left: the white and red flag of the Republic of Poland, the emblem of the Republic of Poland. The image of a white eagle with a crown in a red field.


The INNOSENSE Diagnostic Capsule enables an independent examination of major senses in one place. Best International Design Award at Japan Design, Idea & Innovation Expo 2018

The Capsule Interior

square with Tentacles  Project title

An integrated system of tools for diagnostics and tele-rehabilitation of sensory organs (hearing, sight, speech, balance, taste, smell) – INNOSENSE

outline of the upper man silhouette  Name of Beneficiary/Beneficiaries

  • Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing – the Consortium Leader
  • Warsaw University of Technology – a Consortium Member
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Ludwik Rydygier Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz – a Consortium Member
  • Warsaw University of Medicine – a Consortium Member
  • Centrum Słuchu i Mowy Sp. z o.o. – a Consortium Member
  • Greenfusion Sp. z o.o. – a Consortium Member

briefcase icon  Name of programme


newspaper icon  Competition

1st competition under STRATEGMED

two heaps of coins icon  Project value

PLN 44,004,322.62

hand icon with two circles above it  Funding value

PLN 35,113,760.33 

clock icon  Project delivery period

1 November 2014 – 30 April 2018

Meet our team

Paweł Doliński, M.Sc., stands in front of the Diagnostic Capsule, into which several people enter
Paweł Doliński, MSc, Deputy Head for Organisation and Development, Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Project Team Manager

View the results of our work

Mobile Sensory Diagnostic Capsule, white, placed on the chassis, resembles camping truck
The INNOSENSE Mobile Diagnostic Capsule


Interior of the Diagnostic Capsule, with elements of the apparatus, visible armchair and monitor screen
The Capsule Interior

What problem is addressed by the project? 

Stanisław suffers from sinus pain, balance disorders and a co-occurring loss of smell. In order to diagnose multiple-sense dysfunctions, the patient needs to make appointments with several specialised centres. And what if it was possible to test various senses with just one procedure? With the INNOSENSE Diagnostic Capsule, this idea can be put in practice.
The Capsule is the world’s first device enabling an independent conduction of diagnostic tests of hearing, sight, smell, taste and balance – all in one place. A team of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing have developed an integrated screening and diagnostic system, together with necessary infrastructure, apparatus and testing procedures to examine senses. The innovative Capsule also allows conducting medical checkups and supports diagnostic, specialised medical care and rehabilitation processes. The possibility to test major senses in one place materially reduces the time needed for performing prophylactic examinations.
The INNOSENSE Mobile Diagnostic Capsule was created in 2019. Its structure allows the Capsule to be assembled in any public utility facility. Among its advantages are innovative apps which allow sense tests to be performed without the need to engage specifically trained personnel. Due to progress in telemedicine, medical specialists are able to conduct remote consultations, order additional tests and supervise the overall rehabilitation process. 
Results of the patients’ screening tests are stored in a computer system (“Patients’ Portal”). They are then assessed, analysed and consulted with various teams of experts. The system allows obtaining diverse epidemiological material which can then serve the purpose, inter alia, of developing national health programmes for various age and professional groups.
The INNOSENSE Diagnostic Capsule was presented, inter alia, at the 28th Economic Forum in 2018 in Krynica, the 1st “Health of Poles” Congress in 2019 in Warsaw, the “Health City” in 2019 in Płock, the 5th Mazovia Development Forum in 2019, and the Polish Economic Exhibition in 2020 in Stalowa Wola. During these events, visitors willingly used the opportunity to undergo screening tests of hearing, sight, smell, taste and balance. The INNOSENSE Diagnostic Capsule received the Best International Design Award at Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo that took place in Tokyo in 2018.

Who uses the project results? 

The INNOSENSE Diagnostic Capsule is used for conducting screening and diagnostic tests of hearing, sight, smell, taste and balance in school-age children, adults and seniors. A multi-function device is adapted to the needs of persons with motor disabilities. Sense screening tests conducted with the INNONSENSE Diagnostic Capsule allow the initial symptoms of many sense disorders, e.g. neurodegenerative diseases, to be identified. 

What was the greatest challenge during project implementation?

One of the greatest challenges that we faced was to implement all project tasks in a both efficient and timely manner, and in particular to develop a computer system and to perform technical works related to device construction.

Our advice for other applicants

It is essential to develop a project idea distinguished by its originality and competitiveness in global terms, while at the same time introducing a prospect of positive changes in the functioning of elements of social life with adjustments to individual customers’ needs.